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Closer to town, a 12 acre property with an older build 3 bedroom home may go for under $450,000 whereas a new build 4 bedroom on 20 acres may make $600,000. A 4 bedroom character built home within 5 minutes of Glen Innes on 25 acres can go for under $750,000, or a 90’s build 3 bedroom brick and tile residence on 50 acres for under $800,000. A luxury 4 bedroom property on 3 acres for under $850,000.

You can find a lifestyle farm 30 minutes’ drive from Glen Innes with 100 acres and a 4 bedroom home for under $600,000. 

Pros & Cons

Pros include being able to create your dream home and personalize it to yourself, save time searching for a pre-existing property that ticks all the boxed, you know exactly what you are getting so you shouldn’t be surprised by post-purchase repairs. The downfalls are that some builders don’t offer all-inclusive packages which can leave you with additional costs, you can’t move in straight away, the choices available can be overwhelming and you need to ensure the build complies with local council requirements which can take time and planning which can be daunting.

Spacious Character Homes

If you like a home with original character and charm, you will find a great combination of Edwardian, Federation and Victorian style homes in Glen Innes, most containing original and restored features and nicely sculpted gardens. There are character homes to suit any budget with these properties starting from as little as $150,000 ranging upwards of $650,000. 

Blocks of Land for Development

Looking for a larger block? There are spacious blocks available in town and surrounding town borders within close proximity of schools, shops and services. Fawcett Road subdivision located 6 minutes from the centre of town has 3 acre lots available starting from $175,000. On Grey Street you can find 5 acre lots from $115,000. Severn River Road subdivision in Dundee has blocks for sale from $63,000 that are approximately 1 acre, a short 15 minute drive from the Glen Innes Township. There are also spacious vacant block located throughout the town. You can find a half acre town block for $70,000 and smaller blocks as low as $45,000. 

Rural Lifestyle blocks

If you want more acreage there are rural lifestyle blocks available, perfect if you want a few horses or even some chickens. a 4 bedroom home on 250 acres close to town is around $1.2 million. Further from town you can get 500 acres for under $700,000. 

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