Future Planning


DIVERSIFICATION & SPECIALISATION - We seek to diversify our local economy by diversifying our dominant industries and supporting specialist industry growth.
SUSTAINABILITY - We seek to sustain our local economy for future generations to ensure their wellbeing and prosperity.
CLIMATE PROTECTION - Our majority believe the science of climate change and seek to ensure that our impacts are reduced, renewable energy solutions are embraced and utilsied and strive to be 100% renewable.
INNOVATION - We seek to not only embrace innovation and leverage digital connection but to create it with no fear of failure.
COLLABORATION - We believe that Economic Development is everyone's responsibility and that the village can raise the best outcomes just like it can raise a child.
LIVABILITY - We make every decision based on the benefit to the community first, and the benefit to visitors second, because we live here.
NURTURE - Collectively and individually we nurture our next generation to leverage the legacy whilst evolving towards an even better future with respect of new ideas, ways and means.
LOCAL PRIDE - We celebrate our town, villages and hamlets with reflective appreciation of our lifestyle and healthy way of connecting through our lives.

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