July 2022 Grants & Funding Opportunities

Informing committees, community groups, businesses, sporting organisations, Council, not-for-profits and individuals of potential funding opportunities through grants and programs.

Welcome to the start of the new financial year. This July newsletter provides information on a selection of business, community, infrastructure and COVID-19 community, business or individual funding and support opportunities that are currently available.

Links are provided at the end of each grant or support listing to direct you to the appropriate website for full details and how to apply for that program.

For details on Glen Innes Severn Council grants, see the table on page 191 of the 23 June 2022 Council Meeting Annexures Document

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Richard Quinn - Grants Officer
Glen Innes Severn Council
Business Grants

Glen Innes Severn Council Local Economic Development Support Fund

Open: Now

Closes: 31 July 2022
Value:  Not specified
Run By: Glen Innes Severn Council

Applications are now open for the 2022/2023 financial year. This fund provides business and community access to financial support. The Policy ensures that the criteria for funding supports local economic outcomes in alignment with the Economic Development Strategy 2020-2040 and Action Plan 2020-2025 (GIHEDS&AP).

This fund may be used to provide financial assistance to:

(a) A business entity – proven by an Australian Business Number (ABN) and/or Australian Company Name (ACN) proposing to establish or expand an industry, service, or business in the LGA; and
(b) Local Volunteer Community Groups and/or Committees, Not-for-Profits, 355 Committees, Local Consortiums and Local Event Organisers proposing to incubate, activate or grow local initiatives, programs, or events.

Further information & eligibility

New Business Assistance with NEIS

Open: Now
Closes: 3 July 2022
Value: NEIS Allowance & Rental Assistance. Business Advice
Run By: Australian Government - Department of Education, Skills and Employment

New Business Assistance with NEIS can help you turn your business idea into a viable business. Over the last 36 years, NEIS has helped over 194,000 people become their own boss by starting their own business. NEIS offers free accredited small business training, business plan development, business mentoring and, if eligible, NEIS Allowance.

A NEIS Allowance for up to 39 weeks and NEIS Rental Assistance for up to 26 weeks is available (if eligible).

Further information & eligibility

NSW Government Primary Producer Disaster Recovery Grant

Open: Now
Closes: 4 September 2022
Value: Up to $75,000
Run By: NSW Government Rural Assistance Authority, on behalf of NSW and Australian Governments

Glen Innes Severn is listed in the current NSW Government Disaster Declaration LGA’s for Storms and Floods from 22 February 2022. 

Flood-affected primary producers are encouraged to apply for Special Disaster Grants to access financial assistance to get back to operating as soon as possible.

Once approved, eligible primary producers can access $15,000 in assistance up-front, with a further $60,000 in financial assistance available thereafter upon submission of valid tax invoices.

Further information & eligibility

Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program 

Open: Now
Closes: Ongoing
Value: Range of financial incentives
Run By: Australian Government - Department of Education, Skills and Employment

The objective of the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program is to contribute to the development of a highly skilled and relevant Australian workforce that supports economic sustainability and competitiveness. The Program contains a range of employer incentives and personal benefit payments to Australian Apprentices.

Further information & eligibility

NSW Quad Bike and SSV Safety Rebate

Open: Now
Closes: Ongoing
Value:  Up to $2,000
Run By: NSW Government – SafeWork NSW

If you own or operate a farm or a business that uses quad bikes or an SSV, or you work on one, you may be eligible for a safety rebate. As an owner or operator, you'll be eligible to apply for a maximum of $2,000 per ABN.

Further information & eligibility

Restart - Hiring Mature Age Workers

Open: Now
Closes: Ongoing
Value: Up to $10,000 per worker
Run By: Australian Government - Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Restart is a financial incentive of up to $10,000 (GST inclusive) to encourage businesses to hire and retain mature age employees who are 50 years of age and over. Payments are made by employment services providers to businesses over six months. Employers can negotiate how often they receive the payments.

Further information & eligibility

Indigenous Business Australia – Strong Women Strong Business

Open: Now
Closes: Ongoing
Value: Mentorship support and advice
Run By: Indigenous Business Australia

Strong women need a strong support system. The Strong Women Strong Business mentorship program is the place to give support and receive it too. Connect with Indigenous business women, to share knowledge in navigating your business journey.

Further information & eligibility

CSIRO Kick-Start 

Open: Now
Closes: Ongoing
Value: Matched funding from $10,000 to $50,000

This program is a new initiative for innovative Australian start-ups and small SMEs, providing funding support and access to CSIRO’s research expertise and capabilities to help grow and develop their business. The program offers eligible businesses access to dollar-matched funding of $10,000-$50,000 to undertake the following research activities with CSIRO:

  • Research into a new idea with commercial potential.
  • Development of a novel or improved product or process.
  • Test a novel product or material developed by the company

Further information & eligibility

Community Grants

FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants

Open: Now
Closes: 5pm, 18 July 2022
Value:  Up to $10,000
Run By: Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)
The FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grant program helps communities take action on ideas generated by young Australians on issues that matter to regional, remote and rural youth. Grants of up to $10,000 are available for communities across Australia to adopt, adapt and act on these ideas within their own community.

Further information & eligibility

Community War Memorials Fund

Open: Now
Closes: 2022 Round 1 closes 25 July 2022
Value: Up to $10,000
Run By: NSW Government – Office of Veterans Affairs

The Community War Memorials Fund helps to conserve, repair and protect war memorials across NSW. Since the establishment of the program, grants have been provided for a wide range of projects across NSW. These include conservation assessments, honour roll repair, specialist stone cleaning and restoration, arborist advice for war memorial trees and repairs to war memorial halls.

Further information & eligibility

Glen Innes Severn Council - Local Economic Development Support Fund

Open: Now
Closes: 31 July 2022
Value:  Not specified
Run By: Glen Innes Severn Council

Applications are now open for the 2022/2023 financial year. This fund provides business and community access to financial support. The Policy ensures that the criteria for funding supports local economic outcomes in alignment with the Economic Development Strategy 2020-2040 and Action Plan 2020-2025 (GIHEDS&AP).

More info: Refer to Business Grants section of this newsletter.  

Further information & eligibility

Gallery Grants - Dobell Exhibition Grants

Open: Now
Closes: 5pm, 1 September 2022
Value: $30,000 or $100,000
Run By: NSW Government - Museums and Galleries of NSW
The Dobell Exhibition Grant program provides financial assistance toward the development of new, curated exhibitions of visual arts at regional galleries in New South Wales. The program aims to support high-quality exhibitions that speak to a broad audience across NSW.
There are two categories - $30,000 and $10,000 – applicants should select which amount they would like to apply for depending on the scale of their project and support required.

Further information & eligibility

Volunteer Museum Grants - Project Development Grants and Small Grants Streams

Open: Now
Closes: 11 September 2022
Value:  Project Development Grants: $2,500 to $7,500; Small Grants: Up to $2,000
Run By: NSW Government – Museums and Galleries of NSW
Project Development Grants empower community museums and keeping places to carry out strategic and innovative projects with mid to long-term outcomes.
Further information & eligibility
Small Grants aim to meet the short-term, collection-based requirements of community museums. There are no set categories for funding, and applications for a broad range of projects will be considered.
Further information & eligibility

Regional Events Acceleration Fund – Round Two

Open: Now
Closes: 5pm, 4 October 2022
Value: 3 Streams - Major Event Enhancement: $50,000 to $200,000; Major Event Attraction: Minimum of $100,000; Major Event Accessibility and Inclusion: $15,000 to $100,000
Run By: NSW Government - Regional NSW

The aim of the funding is to help attract new events to the regions, make existing iconic regional NSW events even bigger and better and improve accessibility and inclusion at major events.The types of events eligible for funding include:

  • major sporting and lifestyle events
  • major food and beverage events
  • major music, art, cultural and regionally significant agricultural field day events

Further information and eligibility

The Sunbites $200,000 Good Fuel Fund

Closes: When the $200,000 total fund allocation is exhausted
Value:  $25,000 donation
Run By: Sunbite, The Good Fuel Co. 

Nominate your local charity hero for their chance to receive a $25k donation. This fund is devoted to fuelling local heroes and the charities they so tirelessly support.

Each month, based on nominations received, Sunbites will select an amazing member of a community and their charity to receive $25 from the $200k fund total.

Nominate someone

Children and Young People Wellbeing Recovery Initiative - Large Grants

Open: Now
Closes: 31 December 2022 or until expended
Value:  $10,000 to $50,000
Run By: NSW Government – Regional NSW
This program supports the wellbeing of children and young people living in regional NSW to recover from and build resilience to future adversity. It leverages the work of Regional Youth Community Coordinators (YCC) to identify projects for funding in regional NSW Local Government Areas (LGAs).

Funding recipients can be government or non-government organisations in eligible regional Local Government Areas (LGAs). This includes local councils, community groups, not-for-profit organisations, Local Aboriginal Land Councils, schools and neighbourhood centres.

Further information and eligibility

Infrastructure Grants

Clubgrants Infrastructure Grants – Community and Sport and Recreation Streams

Open: Now
Closes: 18 July 2022
Value: Community Infrastructure: $10,000 to $200,000; Sport & Recreation: $50,0000 to $300,000
Run By: NSW Government – Office of Responsible Gambling

The objective of this grant program is to fund the costs of construction, alteration, renovation, completion and fit-out of buildings and community infrastructure to deliver outcomes for disadvantaged NSW communities including regional, remote and drought-affected areas, culturally and linguistically diverse, disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and communities affected by bushfires.
Eligible entities:

  • Not-for-profit organisations that will be responsible for operating and/or maintaining the infrastructure.
  • Schools - applicants must consider if and how the infrastructure project is accessible to the public outside school hours.
  • Local councils - applicants are required to cash-match the funding amount requested.

Further information and eligibility:
Community Infrastructure
Sport & Recreation

Strengthening Rural Communities – Bushfire Recovery Stream

Open: Now
Closes: 5pm, 30 August 2022
Value: Up to $25,000. Total fund allocation is $650,000
Run By: Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)

Glen Innes Severn LGA is listed as a declared fire-affected area. This fund stream will support initiatives that support the recovery and future preparedness of communities affected by the 2019/20 Black Summer Bushfires.

Community Infrastructure Projects and enhancing community spaces to increase community use are eligible activities.

Further information & eligibility

COVID-19 Support for Community, Business & Individuals

Strengthening Rural Communities – Rebuilding Regional Communities - COVID-19 Stream

Open: Now
Closes: 30 August 2022
Value: Up to $10,000
Run By: Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), on behalf of the Australian Government

This grant program is a special funding stream to support communities adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic that is available in partnership with the Australian Government.
Grants are available for a broad range of grassroots, community-led initiatives that assist communities to recover from and adapt to the impacts of the COVID pandemic.  Funds can support community-led, place-based initiatives that:
  • Enhance the process of recovery from the COVID pandemic for remote, rural and regional communities;
  • Reduce social isolation and foster stronger, more resilient remote, rural and regional communities; and/or
  • Sustain local, regional, rural and remote organisations and their work.
The Rebuilding Regional Communities stream received grant funding from the Australian Government.

Further information & eligibility

COVID-19 Tax Relief Measures NSW - Businesses

Open: Now
Closes: Not specified
Value: Tax relief measures
Run By: NSW Government - Revenue

Tax relief support is available for NSW businesses impacted by COVID-19. 2021 payroll tax deferral and new support payment arrangement for ALL businesses:

  • 50% reduction in 2021/22 payroll tax liability for businesses with grouped Australian wages of $10 million or less who experienced a 30% decline in turnover
  • Payroll tax customers eligible for a 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant or JobSaver payment whose total grouped Australian wages for the 2021/22 financial year are $10 million or less, will have their annual tax liability reduced by 50% when they lodge their  2022 Annual Payroll Tax Reconciliation online.
  • Customers with total grouped wages of $10 million or less, who did not receive a 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant or JobSaver payment, may still be eligible for the 50% reduction if they are able to demonstrate that they have experienced a 30% decline in turnover during a minimum 14-day period during the ‘Greater Sydney lockdown’ (26 June to 30 November 2021) compared to the same period in 2019 or 2020.

Further information & eligibility

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment – Individuals

Open: Now
Closes: Not Specified
Value: For each 7-day period of self-isolation, quarantine or caring, you will be paid $450 if you lost at least 8 hours or a full day’s work, and less than 20 hours of work; $750 if you lost 20 hours or more of work
Run By: Australian Government - Services Australia

This is a lump sum payment to help you during the time you can’t work and earn income because you must:

  • self-isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19
  • care for someone who must self-isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19
You will need to show:
  • advice of a positive test from a testing clinic or health professional
  • evidence you’ve registered a positive rapid antigen test result

Further information & eligibility

Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) - Households

Open: Now
Closes: Not specified
Value: $50 EAPA vouchers
Run By: NSW Government – Service NSW

If you're having difficulty paying your current household energy bill because of a short-term financial crisis or emergency, such as unexpected medical bills, or reduced income due to COVID-19, you could be eligible for Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA) $50 vouchers.

Further information & eligibility

Information sources and disclaimer: Information for this February 2022 newsletter was sourced from grants.gov.au, business.gov.au, Regional Development Australia Northern Inland and/or the following Government departments and business organisations on grants and funding programs.
NSW Government – Rural Assistance Authority, NSW Government – Department of Planning, Industry & Environment through Service NSW, NSW Government - Destination NSW, NSW Government – Regional NSW, NSW Government – Department of Veterans Affairs, Australian Government – Department of Health, Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), National Australia Bank, Community Broadcasting Foundation, Australian Government – SportAus, NSW Government – Department of Regional NSW, Australian Government - Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, NSW Government – Office of Sport, NSW Government – Sport NSW, Australian Government - Services Australia, Australian Government – Indigenous Business Australia.


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