5 October 2022

Local Economic Development News

Results from 2021-2022 and Top 10 for 2022-2023

A new financial year and lots planned... Here are the top 10 focus areas for the 2022-2023 financial year:
More Grow Glen Innes Think Tanks (GIITT's) - Topics: Liveability (completed), Agri-innovation and Value-Adding, Investment Attraction;

Local Business Development - Partnering and collaborating with the new Glen Innes Business Chamber through Highlands HUB and delivering programs for our community;

Developing business cases for new projects and more 'things to do' that deliver on the Economic Development Strategy and/or Destination Management Plan;

Developing a Regional Learning System including a Local Jobs Program connected with Highlands HUB digital platform as the mechanism for delivery;

Continually inform our community with our communications and newsletters: Visitors; Local Visitor Economy Businesses; Grants & Funding; Economic Development;

Refreshing the Glen Innes Highlands brand and renewing all campaign activity across VISIT, LIVE, INVEST marketing activity;

Continuing the regional tourism partnership with New England High Country;

Deliver the biggest and best Australian Celtic Festival in the Year of Scotland as well as Christmas in the Highlands, whilst incubating and/or attracting new events;

Commence roll-out of the Tourism Signage Upgrade and the continuation of Geotourism experience development on the Skywalk and the New England Rail Trail projects;

Operating the Highlands Hub coworking space and whole-of-community digital platform to offer programs, workshops and training opportunities to connect, create, collaborate and grow

Margot Davis
Manager Economic Development

Glen Innes are signed up to a Pace-based Capital Program Community of Practice run by Ethical Fields - the Community Wealth Building Scan will be an important input for Glen Innes.

Why?  There are strong development and investment opportunities in our local area. To realise these opportunities, we require sources of funding and capital that are readily available, flexible, and supportive of our local aspirations, opportunities, needs and challenges.

Find out more here
ACTION: Complete the Glen Innes Community Wealth Building Scan


The Glen Innes Highlands Housing Assessment and Housing Strategy 2022-2041 has been completed and is now available to local business to read and consider it's recommendations in order to encourage a healthy residential land development and construction sector.  

Housing is a critical par of our local economy, directly supporting local  jobs and businesses whilst enabling population growth and improved lifestyle options for residents and treechanges.
ACTION: Read the Housing Assessment and Housing Strategy 2022-2041


This workshop provided an opportunity for the Glen Innes community to define their liveability priorities and develop actions to support them.

The workshop highlighted the need for Glen Innes to focus its attraction strategies most prominently on attracting families to the region, as well as a range of skilled professionals.

However, feedback during the plenary sessions also highlighted the need to ensure that Glen Innes’ current community have a liveable town as well, and feel that they can stay and have a good life and career there.
ACTION: Read the GGITT Liveability Report and Action Plan


Glen Innes Highlands HUB is now open, providing the community and visitors with access to a new coworking, training and meeting facility to connect, create, collaborate and grow. 
Last year, Glen Innes Severn Council received a $616,861 grant from the Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the NSW Government under Disaster Funding Arrangements.
ACTION: Book a desk, office, meeting room and more


 We’re excited to announce the first MASTERCLASS in a series delivered by Ian Mason from HUMBLE.
Ian is an experienced company founder, having built multiple brands that affect change in communities across the world, and he is coming to Glen Innes to deliver the masterclass.
Masterclass topic: HOW TO FIND NEW CUSTOMERS
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how to visualise your customer journey and use it to drive growth;
  • Understand the value of content marketing in any acquisition strategy;
  • Understand the most common acquisition techniques and which may be right for your business.
Date: 14 October 2022
Time: 12pm – 3pm
Location: Highlands HUB – 167 Grey Street, Glen Innes NSW
Cost: $197 including GST per person
ACTION: Find out more and reserve your spot

2021-2022 EOFY RESULTS

The PARTNERSHIP strategic pillar includes:

Local Business Growth & Support
Consultation, Design Thinking & Problem Solving
Master Planning & Integrated Planning

The PEOPLE strategic pillar includes:

Local Jobs Program & Workforce Attraction Strategy
HUB - Education & Jobs Programs & Initiatives

The PLACE strategic pillar includes:

Marketing & Promotion
Healthcare & Social Assistance Services
Attracting & Retaining Population

The PROSPERITY strategic pillar includes:

Diversification of Agriculture
Leverage Growth Opportunities
ACTION: Read the detailed report


Industrial Energy Transformation Studies (IETS) Program

Open: Now
Closes: Applications assessed quarterly, commencing December 2022
Value: $100,000 to $500,000 for feasibility studies or $250,000 to $5 million for engineering studies
Run By: Australian Government - Australian Renewable Energy Agency

The IETS Program will provide $43 million in funding to assist large energy users to undertake engineering and feasibility studies to identify opportunities to lower energy costs and reduce emissions.

The Program aims to support feasibility and engineering studies and associated metering that can enable an investment decision in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions for industrial processes, which will:

  • deliver a transformational improvement in industrial energy efficiency as compared to business as usual energy use; and/or
  • deliver a transformational increase in renewable energy use as compared to business as usual energy use; and
  • deliver transformational reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below business as usual emissions, and
  • demonstrate high replicability potential across similar industrial settings.

Funding will be made available to companies and organisations in the agriculture, mining, manufacturing, gas supply, water supply, waste services and data centre sectors.

Grant funding will be provided in two streams:

Stream A – Feasibility Studies: A Feasibility Study aims to provide an independent assessment that examines all aspects of a proposed Project, including technical, economic, financial, legal, and environmental considerations. The study should demonstrate the economic case for the technology and associated energy or emission reductions while ensuring that the technological barriers are identified and are manageable.

Stream B – Engineering Studies: Engineering (or FEED) Studies have the purpose of providing sufficient Project detail to enable a Final Investment Decision to be made and a subsequent EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract to be executed.

Applicants can seek $100,000 to $500,000 for feasibility studies or $250,000 to $5 million for engineering studies.

Further information & eligibility


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