Gravel, Mountain & Road Riding


  • Phone coverage is not always available but a well charged phone should be carried in case of an SOS emergency.
  • Always carry enough water, food and sun cream, as you will be in remote areas.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not ride alone in remote areas.
  • Always be aware that roads and conditions regularly change due to weather conditions - wet and severe dry.
125km with 1,700m of ascent
Glen Innes > Mt Mitchell > Red Range > Glen Innes. This longer loop will keep riders on their toes. Some glorious gravel including Mt Slow Road, a few decent climbs and a visit to Red Range.
75km with 1,000m of ascent
Glen Innes > Lambs Valley > Red Range > Glen Innes. This shorter loop will show off some great countryside during the 75km course. To begin riders will climb through Lambs Valley followed by a visit to Red Range and to finish, enjoy the pedal along Donnelly and Linwood Roads.
Piccolo Loop: 35km with 450m of ascent
Glen Innes > Lambs Valley > Linwood > Glen Innes. Come for an enjoyable pedal through the beautiful New England Highlands. Head through Lambs Valley and enjoy the out-and-back along Linwood Road before heading back to Glen Innes.

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